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Statistics & analytics on Youtube vloggers
Metrics, data and forecasting for digital agencies, companies & brands
Launch data-driven ad campaigns and increase your ROI
Ad campaigns
Analyse effectiveness of your ad campaigns by calculating traction from hundreds and thousands vloggers in a few clicks

Scan Youtube
Find any mentions and recommendations by vloggers and get reports about coverage, engagement, views and many other metrics
Brand advocate
Find relevant and loyal vloggers from Youtube for your business who talks favorably about a brand or product

Competitors landscape
Get information about their traction, views, coverage, vloggers who work with them and their metrics
Save costs
Don't waste staff time to searching for vloggers and their evaluating.

You will receive lists of hundreds and thousands of vloggers with whom you can begin to cooperate, and from whom you can refuse to save costs.
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Get insides about these brands
and any others
Get the most effective vloggers for your business
Bubblehunt provides real-time data from vloggers about brands, goods, services, sites and on any other mentions

Want to work with top vloggers? We'll help to choose from millions of them the best and increase your coverage, views, engagement and other metrics from promotion on Youtube
We use search engine + machine learning technologies + Youtube API and others to monitor dozens of thousands vloggers for our clients

Our crawlers collect, process and analyse dozens of millions videos, resources, goods, services, brands which is mentioned by vloggers
Bubblehunt can be your ultimate Youtube statistics solution and we'll help you in any needs of data
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