Powerful search engine for your
We combine a dozens of search engine technologies which help you easily work with your information: add any amount of web-links, upload bookmarks & interesting resources. We'll make all your data searchable. With access 24/7 trough simple search line.
We have crawlers 🤖and full-text search. They'll help you to navigate in your information and find relevant pages on your request.
Is a directories for your resources. Add any amount of links in your profile and don't worry: we find all what you need on your request.
If you save links from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Youtube and other resources we automatically convert this links into product or video cards for your better experience.
If you use Chrome you can export all your bookmarks. We save your directories and provide full-text search for your content.
We automatically merge duplicates, hide inactive links and other to keep your information in order.
Save books from Amazon, interesting places that you like and any other information. Provide simple access to your knowledges for friends, which can ask you directly trough search line.
Add selected products in your profile with affiliate codes from Amazon and any other shops. Earn money, any sale which made through your search is commission free.
Every user in our system is a independent information provider. You can add any information and influence on global search.
We don't track users and does not collect data. We get information only about sites that you add in profile and using this data only for creating search index for you.
Hidden bubbles
You can create hidden bubble in your profile. Only you'll see and have access to resources in this bubbles.
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